Follow Easy Ways to Gain Free Fortnite VBucks Daily

Follow Easy Ways To Gain Free Fortnite VBucks Daily

Follow Easy Ways to Gain Free Fortnite VBucks Daily

Follow Easy Ways to Gain Free Fortnite VBucks Daily

Nowadays online games have become so much popular and there are so many reasons of the popularity of such games.

While playing Fortnite Battle Royale, you have noticed that V-Bucks are needed for purchasing new gliders, outfits or harvesting tools. There is an option for buying a battle pass which will increase the level and reward the player with gear. When there is a need of V-Bucks in the game, you may have to shed real bucks for designing the game character with new cosmetic gear. However, there are several ways of acquiring V-Bucks without spending one penny.

Play Daily Quests

After logging into the fame, you will be given the option to play the mission from the daily quest system. After completing every mission, the game rewards you with free Fortnite VBucks. Following is the list of getting 50 V-Bucks only by logging every day,

Destroy six machines.

Destroy three fire trucks

Destroy four server racks

Discover five industrial sites

Destroy eight pack seesaws

Destroy ten propane tanks

Kill five hundred husks as a ninja

Kill five hundred husks as a soldier

Discover twenty TVs easily found in suburban zones

Play three successful missions in Plankerton

Play three successful missions as a soldier

Discover ten locations including a fire station, police stations, decks, parking lots and hospitals.

The game has a myriad of possibilities to win free fortnite battlepass along with 100 rewards valuing more than 25,000 V-Bucks. However, if you want everything at once and the wait is not working for you, you can buy 100 tiers that worth 150 vbucks per tier.

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